Postcards to yourself
a series of five art workshops to nourish your creative soul
Postcards to yourself is a series of five art workshops in which you explore different artistic processes to unlock your creative soul. The workshops take place on a Sunday morning once each month, starting in January 2024. No experience needed.

Gift this mini retreat to yourself, slow down and rediscover your playful side! At the heart of this process is a deep connection to yourself and the space to tune in to your intuition. After each workshop you will return home not only recharged with creative energy, but with your beautiful postcard creation.

At the end of the five workshops, you can look at your series of postcards as a memento of this precious time and as a record of how you grew your creativity.

28 January
Embroidery on vintage postcards
In this workshop you will explore stitching and embroidering onto vintage postcards and old photos to add texture and colour, charging them with new meaning and life.

25 February
While walking through the streets of Sant Pere you will use the surrealist technique of frottage to collect textures and patterns to use with other found material to make a collage postcard back in the studio.
17 March
Walking and drawing
Starting with a soundwalk you will explore the art of getting lost in the streets of Sant Pere, and integrate this experience into an unfolding postcard of changing patterns and shapes in blue.

21 April
Movement and photography
This fun session will play with your ‘self’ in motion. Whilst being guided through a series of movements you will capture these moments with self portraiture and choose your favorite image to make your postcard with.
26 May
Cyanotype or blue print – an early photographic technique
You will experiment with your photographic portraitures using the cyanotype technique. This will allow you to look at yourself from the outside whilst connecting with your inner self.
Important information

Sunday morning mini retreats 11:00-13:00

Arrival: 10:45, coffee and tea

Place: Space for Art (Sant Pere de Ribes)

COST: 30 € per session

This experience is provided by
  • Sophie Lascelles
    Artist specialised in photography, projection and site specific installation
  • Anne Rooschüz
    Artist with a background in theatre and performing arts currently focusing on walking arts
  • Genia Valla
    Artist photographer specialised in portraiture and therapeutic photography
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