Past events

Art Market

19th and 20th of November 2022

Come and support your local artists and find a perfectly original gift. Paintings, prints, workshop and membership vouchers will be for sale. Music, vermut, and seasonal cheer!

New season opening at Space for Art

Concert with Laura Morillo and her music project


Launch of our new membership programme and 2022-2023 season events

10th of September

Foto: Joana Galindo

To launch our new Season at Space for Art we would like to present the beautiful and very personal music project of singer/songwriter Laura Morillo:

"Canción por los Caminos" (Songs on the Road)

In her solo set Laura will sing songs and stories inspired by her travels around the world. These will include her own compositions as well as folkloric songs collected on her travels in the languages of Náhuatl, Catalan, and Mandinga. Laura Morillo is professional singer and guitarist. In this performance she will also play the lapas canarias and the cuatro venezolano.

During this event we will be presenting our brand new membership programme and sharing news of our upcoming season 2022 -2023.

WHEN: 10th of September
TIME: 18.00
ENTRANCE: taquilla inversa to support our invited artist

Landscapes of Belonging
Paisajes de pertenencia
Group exhibition - Exposición colectiva
9/6/22 - 16/6/22
Beatriz Chamussy - Yevgeniya Valla - Aileen Hamilton - Anne Rooschüz - Sophie Lascelles - Yanina Shevchenko

A sense of belonging is one of humanity's most basic needs. The human attachment to place demonstrates an inextricable link between landscape and identity. Landscapes possess the marked capacity to provoke introspection, turning us inwards. Places can trigger acts of self-reflection, inspiring thoughts about who one presently is, or memories of who one used to be, or musings about who one might become. - Basso

As a group of artists we all come from different places, and carry our own stories of place and landscape. This exhibition is a direct result of our investigations around these themes, explored through the processes of painting, sound, photography, moving image, performance, and installation. We urge you to consider your own experiences of place and landscape.

El sentido de pertenencia es una de las necesidades más básicas de la humanidad. El apego humano a los lugares demuestra un vínculo inextricable etre paisaje e identidad. Los paisajes poseen la capacidad de provocar la introspección, llevándonos a mirar hacia adentro. Los lugares pueden desencadenar actos de autorreflexión, pensamientos inspiradores sobre quién es uno realmente, o recuerdos de lo que solíamos ser, o reflexiones sobre quién podríamos llegar a ser. -Basso

En nuestro grupo de artistas todas venimos de diferentes países y cada una tiene sus propias historias sobre lugares y paisajes. Esta exposición es un resultado directo de nuestras investigaciones en torno a la pregunta ¿a dónde pertenezco? Hemos explorado este tema a través de los procesos de pintura, sonido, fotografía, imagen en movimiento, performance e instalación. Te invitamos a pensar en tus propias experiencias de lugar y paisaje.

Our human landscape is our unwitting biography, reflecting our tastes, our values, our aspirations, and even our fears in tangible visible.- Lewis
Nuestro paisaje humano es nuestra biografía involuntaria, reflejando nuestros gustos, nuestros valores, nuestras aspiraciones e incluso nuestros miedos en visible tangible.- Lewis

Fotos by Yanina Shevchenko and Genia Valla
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