Insight Writing 2024
Theme: A Heroine’s Path
An immersive journey using Insight Writing to help understand our obstacles and uncover our unique creative voice.

What is Insight Writing?

Insight Writing is a therapeutic writing practice combining the connective power of circle with the calming effect of meditation to gather ourselves into an immersive space where creativity emerges naturally and easefully. If you think - or have been told - that you can’t write, are not creative, or feel shy about sharing your soul, these workshops are a welcoming, non-coercive, collaborative experience where you can find your unique voice in good company.

Harness the power of women’s circles and the insights of meditation practice in this regular writing workshop designed to support you to uncover your unique creative voice. Facilitated by participatory arts facilitator and meditation guide Helen Iles, using the self-developed methodology she calls Insight Writing.

  • Workshops are held in English ( Helen and participants can clarify instructions for Spanish speakers), and you are welcome to / encouraged to write in the language in which the words arise.

    Time: 19:00 - 21:00

    Where: Space for Art, Sant Pere de Ribes

    Cost: 15 €/session, 40 €/all sessions

    Spots: Limited to 10 participants

    Dates: Feb 7, Mar 6, Apr 10

    Reserve your place with Helen: +34 603 101 149


About facilitator of this workshop
Helen ILES
Helen Iles is a documentary film-maker, writer, meditation guide and therapeutic writing facilitator. Helen’s book Hiraeth - Our Longing for Belonging traces an inner-outer journey exploring connection (and disconnection) between land, self and community.
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