Activities run by Space for Art
Morning Coffee Talks

Once a month

Time: from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m.

Next dates: 07-12. 03-01.

What better way to start the day than with a cup of coffee in good company?

Every first Tuesday of the month join us for coffee and an inspirational talk by a local or an international creative and influential doer. This will be a series of short morning lectures on a variety of themes such as community, investment, traditions, genius, and more. Every month we explore a different theme with a 30 minute lecture followed by a 30 minute discussion. A fantastic way to learn something new and network with your local community.

Coffee and croissant included

Entrance 5 € / Members Free

Saturday Art Movie Night

Once a month
Time: 20:00 - 22:00

Next dates: 10-12. 14-01.

Join us monthly for Art Movie Night and take the time to relax, watch a film, and dive into the wondrous, wacky, and daringly eccentric world of art. Learn about art in an informal setting, with the chance to discuss and discover the ideas of artists and some powerful models for creative and critical thinking.

Find out about how artist work, live, think, what motivates them to create, and how their work impacts the world.

Warning: this event might provoke deep feelings of inspiration!

Beer and popcorn included

Entrance 10 € / Members Free
Help Me Think!
Once a month. Exclusively for members.
Time: from 9:30 to 11:30
Next dates: 20-12. 17-01.

Exclusively for members this an essential group activity geared towards generating new ideas and moving forward. Help Me Think! works around brainstorming and offering accountability within a supportive peer group where any member can present their creative personal or business project to take it to the next level.

These collaborative sessions also provide support by giving compassionate and empathetic feedback. With the right group and tools you can prevent stagnancy in your creative and intellectual development and get inspired to take action!

Each session 4 members have the chance to present, please register below.

Members Only

Please register here.

Thursday Salon

Once a month
Time: from 19:00 to 21:00
Next dates: 15-12. 12-01.

Come and take the time to foster your creativity in the friendly atmosphere that is Thursday Salon - an informal gathering centred around warm conversation, a refreshing drink, and the freedom to be creative.

Bring your own project, from crocheting to drawing, whatever you enjoy making with your hands, or use the materials provided to doodle around or create some collage. Become enchanted by the nurturing atmosphere and the inspiring chatter, as it’s when your hands are occupied that the conversation deepens.

A Convergence of Conversation + Connection + Creativity + Community

Entrance 10 € / Members Free
Art Lab
Once a month
Time: from 9:30 to 11:30
Next dates: 21-12. 25-01.

Art Lab is all about play and experimenting. It’s about finding joyful engagement in the creative process; without worrying about the outcome. We decided to open these sessions up to the wider commonality after we experienced amazing shifts and growth within ourselves when we practiced Art Lab in the studio. Pushing outside your comfort zone, trying on the ideas and artistry of others, and really tuning into a material or technique is an amazing way to unblock and re-energise your creativity.

Past sessions have included the blindfolded exploration of space, movement and painting, self portraiture with photography, blind contour drawing, experimental collage, field sampling, the art of getting lost, subversive stitch making, casting body parts with clay and plaster, the guided unconscious practice of drawing, hand painted 35mm slide projection, and journeys through frottage and map making.

This is an invitation to reconnect with your creative energy with us. No artistic experience necessary, all you need is 2 hours and a healthy dose of curiosity!

Entrance 25 € / Members Free
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“A creative life is an amplified life.”
Elizabeth Gilbert

Artwork by Aileen Hamilton

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